Smart Entrances and Digital Locks

Digital lock systems for healthcare facilities

This system is secure, efficient, and flexible, and guarantees the safety of the people, equipment, and facilities, while allowing employees to move around freely.

Healthcare and security.
Simple, reliable, efficient.

SimonsVoss digital lock systems, dedicated to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, permit you to manage and monitor entrance access by the public and internal staff, especially in particularly sensitive areas.

Galli Sicurezza with SimonsVoss – the company that revolutionized classic mechanical locks with modern digital technology – offers the 3060 System: a complete system that ensures a proper balance between the safety of people, equipment, and facilities and the employees’ freedom to move around – with the added benefits of low maintenance costs and a simple installation.

SimonsVoss 3060 system

The wireless control solution
that lowers costs while increasing security.

Compared to mechanical alternatives, wireless digital lock systems are composed of intelligent components and avantgarde software that allow easy management of entrances and exits. Access privileges can be modified quickly, and the identification methods only allow individuals to access authorized areas at scheduled times: this means the locks are configured and fitted perfectly to needs.


True security guaranteed by the digital system.

  • Easy and affordable to install, with no interruptions to daily activities

  • Customized access privileges for single users and easy to authorize and block credentials

  • Reduce costs with low maintenance and energy consumption and long-lasting batteries

  • Instead of multiple keys, use a single form of access that can be adapted to all door types

  • Locking devices cannot be duplicated without authorization and can be blocked in case of loss

  • The same means of identification can be used for multiple sites and buildings

How it works

The 3060 system offers a wide array of secure and efficient modular solutions for locks and monitoring. It ensures scalability over time, according to your needs, making future additions possible, even with more than one building connected to the system.

1.Digital Lock

Recognizes all people authorized for access via digital lock systems, internal or external SmartHandles, and SmartRelè. Activates various monitoring functions and can be programmed online and offline.

2.Identification Devices

Transponders or SmartCards hold all the holder’s access privileges. Simply use the credential to unlock and lock the door.

3.Centralized system management

Access authorizations are centrally managed by LSM software and transmitted to locks and digital identification devices.

Examples of protected areas


For healthcare facilities requiring strict access control, the SimonVoss digital lock systems prove to be extremely versatile and effective.


360° security: the Achille's heel of access control

The University of Munich is composed of 28 clinics, 9 institutes, and 6 departments that are open 24/7. Ensuring full protection of their inventory, buildings, and people is of utmost priority, and represents a huge challenge that has been easily and affordably overcome with the 3060 SimonsVoss system.

One peculiarity of the system is the fireproof escape doors fitted with a special cylinder. Should a fire break out, staff can leave the rooms without allowing anyone else to enter. This ensures guaranteed security, even for the most sensitive areas. In the psychiatric ward, for example, security cylinders were installed with conical doorknobs to prevent suicide attempts, because it is impossible to attach wires or ropes to them.


The benefits of digitally controlled accesses in a complex healthcare facility.

Thanks to the installation of digital technology systems, which began eleven years ago, it is now possible to list the main benefits that have been attained: over 3,000 gateways equipped with wireless digital lock devices and approximately 7,000 people hold digital keys – including doctors, maintenance staff, and personnel of all kinds – both from within and outside the facility.

Each authorized user must simply let the technical division know which doors they need to unlock, and they quickly and securely gain access privileges. New activations, as well as modifications and eliminations, can be downloaded locally onto the users’ credentials from wall units connected to the central database which can be found in numerous sites: all of this can be managed on the software in just a few steps.


Total success: a holistic concept.

The centre is shaped like a sunburst, with administrative areas, therapeutical facilities, and housing with 230 rooms. With the SimonsVoss 3060 system, the access management is now flexible. An added benefit is that the system is extremely scalable and can be expanded according to needs. This capability is not insignificant in a structure such as a clinic, which requires renting housing to a flux of external people and frequent changes within the buildings.

Furthermore, due to fire prevention concerns, the doors could not be modified. This was no problem for the SimonsVoss system: the installation is completely wireless and can be completed in a snap.

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