Armored Doors

Galli Sicurezza helps you protect what is most important to you with its vast selection of armored doors that unite maximum security with design and comfort.

Modern homes require newer and more sophisticated performance in terms of doors and entrances: therefore, the door sector has evolved rapidly, to offer better materials and building techniques and innovative assembly. The bar has been raised on the level of security, while they must also be compliant with strict regulations in terms of energy consumption and anti-burglary capabilities. But that’s not all: a door is an integral part of the appearance of a home, so it must also meet high aesthetic standards. Galli Sicurezza offers a wide range of solutions that can be personalized for your armored doors, to meet all kinds of needs. We work alongside architects, construction companies, artisans, and property owners in Lugano, Canton Ticino, and all over Switzerland to come up with the most suitable design for the facades and interiors of new constructions, as well as faithfully reproducing the style of antique doors in renovation projects. Galli Sicurezza is specialized in the design and creation of made-to-measure artisanal armored doors, compliant with the strictest standards of security and quality, in partnership with the best international producers. Call us, the experience of our technicians will help you to choose an armored door that exceeds your expectations.