Video Surveillance

Your belongings, always under control.

In recent years, video surveillance systems have evolved significantly. Developments in electronics, now applied to video recording and transmission, have opened new possibilities for monitoring spaces and sites. Our technicians are constantly updated about new developments in the sector, so that our customers can avail themselves of the most reliable installations for the prevention of intrusions, burglary, and vandalism.
Thanks to its partnership with Gruppo Sicurezza, Galli Sicurezza can offer solutions that are best suited to your needs. From 5k video cameras to micro cameras, we manage all kinds of software and equipment for remote security monitoring.
Thanks to the Satel Operating Centre and our emergency intervention team, we offer real time management of any alarms or emerging requests, ensuring 24/7 monitoring of homes, businesses, hospitality facilities, and companies in Canton Ticino and most of Switzerland.
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