Smart Entrances and Digital Locks

With Hikvision MinMoe facial recognition, controlling access and attendance has become a convenient, touch-free experience.

Hikvision MinMoe

Grant access to areas only to previously authorized people, after just a quick scan of their face.

Thanks to its deep learning technology and practical functions, Hikvision MinMoe facial recognition terminals pair improved security and efficiency with optimized entrance and attendance control – while ensuring user-friendly operation!

  • High degree of recognition in any setting

  • Greater than 99% accuracy

  • Recognition speed less than .2 seconds

  • Quick recognition even in poorly lit or completely dark settings

  • Easy to manage and use

  • Quick and easy registration with different means of access

  • Remote control enabled through mobile app

  • Simple web configurations


Offering quick control, convenience for employees, and security for companies.

Many companies in Canton Ticino employ rigorous systems for entrance control, due to security and privacy concerns. Nevertheless, conventional verification methods are less reliable and convenient than modern facial recognition. For example, employees might lose their ID cards, which might cause potential security risks. Authentication through fingerprinting is not recommended when staff must carry boxes or wear gloves. Facial recognition resolves all these problems and guarantees security and comfort wherever needed.

Higher degree of security:

  • Facial anti-spoofing guarantees secure access

  • Data encryption protects privacy


Timecards, PIN codes, cards, and fingerprinting? Welcome to the era of facial recognition.

MinMoe facial recognition terminals offer an efficient, reliable solution for offices and for entrances to sensitive sites, such as laboratories and restricted areas, thanks to its quick recognition capacity that takes less than 0.2 seconds and offers great security benefits. A huge step forward compared to the laborious procedure of stamping timecards or fingerprinting, which is especially troublesome during times of heavy entrance traffic.


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