Smart Entrances and Digital Locks

Smart handles for internal and external doors. Easy to install, or as a replacement for traditional systems, they utilize keyless technology and are easy to program, even remotely.


Keyless entrance access and online management

Durable, reliable, and high-quality, SmartHandles are an intelligent solution from every perspective.
They come in many versions, to satisfy any need.
They are the ideal solution, in terms of convenience and security, for hotels, tourist resorts, B&Bs, companies, hospitals, rest homes, schools, and, more generally, any structure that requires authorization to enter. Secure and programmable, entrance access is managed remotely, in real time, from a central location, to enable reusable cards or transponders.

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Programmable access

Maximum comfort for guests and users

The SmartHandle relies on an easy-to-use management system to activate authorized keys via computer or smartphone, even remotely.
Entering hotel rooms, classrooms, laboratories, or buildings is quick and easy since the programming of reusable cards or transponders is managed remotely. In this way, it’s possible to schedule and modify multiple entrances via smartphone, tablet, or computer, according to permission and timing. You’ll have everything under control, and users will be free to move around.

It is possible to:

  • Automate key activation

  • Assign temporary access to one or more rooms

  • Authorize access to multiple doors using the same card

  • Enable wireless door monitoring

  • Instantly block lost keys without changing the locks

Optimized anti-burglary security

SmartHandle is suitable for all door types.

The essential, elegant design and attention to details and materials, as well as the varied colour selection make SmartHandle perfect for all settings.
Beautiful to observe and easy to use, they blend seamlessly into all sites. They can be fitted onto the doors of already existing buildings, or new constructions, and they adapt to the thickness of the door, the distance, and the specific handle frame. The handle can be mounted on the right or left.

  • Non-invasive Snap-In installation

  • Avantgarde technology perfectly integrable with all locations

  • Fully functional without wires, can be installed in just a few minutes

  • No need to modify pre-existing systems

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